food safety

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Smith’s Meat Company understands that consumers have strong concerns about the absolute safety of the foods that they offer their families and expect total food safety from "farm to table".
Additionally, we acknowledge that our customers face significant competitive challenges of their own, not the least of which is meeting their customers' rising expectations regarding food safety. That is why, for us, food safety is not an option – it is imperative.

we test then release

Our test & release programme means customer health will never be at risk. Products that are sold as “ready to eat” are not released to the market until the laboratory has verified the product meets NZ Food Safety Standards.

regular inspection to maintain the highest standards

We want our customers to be confident that the health and safety of our workers is never compromised to meet product quality standards, and production must meet the stringent expectations of our MPI approved Food Control Plan.

Our customised Food Control Plan is based on HACCP principles, meets the requirements of MPI and AsureQuality accredited third party auditors.

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