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For us it starts with getting to know our customer, what are the pain points in their current supply chain and at the same time seek a deep understanding of their processes and product usage. We then give our customers some insights around tailored protein solutions for their fast food business and how this might save them money, time or both.

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Our frozen lamb mince kebab preparation has been an incredible success story. After hearing from many kebab shops throughout the country that there was no high quality pre prepared spiced lamb kebab we knew there was a opportunity. We worked on a recipe with several leading kebab shops to come up with a ready to cook solution. This has proven to be a real hit and has saved many shops with prep time and helped them to provide a great tasting consistent product.

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case study

pizza franchise

The Challenge

This well known New Zealand pizza franchise had issues around consistancy and price on a couple of key pizza stables of ham and salami. A hallmark of any successful franchise is the consistancy of experience to the end customer. If the protein used has inconsistencies then the final output is effected.

Our Solution

After a period of consultation and getting to know our client's pizza business and processes we were able to propose a range of protein solutions. Even when. Even when challanged to fit certain price points we can show a client how to reduce cost by several methods but still retain a quality finished product. Our quality assurance process then provides our clients the peace of mind that their final product meets the exacting standards of a franchise business.

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