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Smiths Meat Company came from a retail background once upon a time so we understand retail and the importance of quality. We make products for bakeries that meet their exacting standards and supports the effort that goes into creating great bakery meat products. No matter if it's the best sausage roll or award winning pie we have you covered.

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Bakeries just like in the fast food industry are focused on getting a consistent high quality meat product that meets a certain price point. We understand the need to have specific product designed to achieve this. Talk to us today about having a specific meat product created for your bakery that makes your process faster and cost effective.

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case study

leading pie manufacturer

The Challenge

Our bakery client was ordering beef for use in various pies in a pre processed format. They were choosing to process the product on site to insure a consistent dice. This was proving to be a constraint on production during peak manufacturing and tied up valuable labour.

Our Solution

We were able to develop a range of diced meat products that delivered the consistency and quality they required and also we were able to work closely with their planning department to ensure delivery during peak demand.

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