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Say thank-you to your customers or staff with the perfect corporate gift of a manuka smoked Christmas Ham

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our meat processing solutions

Smith’s Meat Company has 30 years of creating innovative meat processing and supply solutions for our clients throughout New Zealand. We are continuously looking at how we can improve our clients business with smart meat processing.

food service

Whether its portion control or making sure you have the best range of meat products to choose from, Smith's Meat Company is the company for you.


As meat processors, we understand the need to always have consistent products. We focus on meat quality and adding value to what you do as a bakery.

small goods

At Smith's Meat Company we are always looking to develop new meat products. Let us know what small goods you need and we can take care of the rest.

fast food

Innovative meat products come from understanding our customers needs. Let's talk about our products designed for your fast food business.


At Smith's Meat Company we have a focus on providing value added protein solutions for our New Zealand clients. This always starts with a conversation focused on understanding your pain points and your process. Armed with these insights Smith's can develop new meat products that can save you time, money and even increase your businesses productivity.

Lets start a conversation today.

MEAT delivery 

Here at Smith’s Meats, we pride ourselves on customer service and our efficient delivery system. Click on the link below to see when we are next around to see you.

account application

We welcome new customers to become part of the Smith's Meat Company family. Just fill out the form that can be accessed from the link below and we will be in touch soon.

Price, Product Fit, Quality

We are masters at tailoring a meat product to fit your specifications. Many years of meat processing experience has enabled us to come up with innovative ways to either save money or develop a specialist meat product. All of this with quality in mind and a willingness to go the extra mile.